TREETI is a Software As Experience (SAE) platform that lets people promote and discover content through their social interactions. In a fragmented and overcrowded streaming market, TREETI helps content owners attract viewers, increase lifetime value, and own a direct connection to their audience.

The Problem: Discoverability

Today’s viewers are flooded with content options—small wonder that most content goes undiscovered, while the average American now spends 158 hours a year looking for something to watch. This makes the cost of recruiting and retaining viewers increasingly hard to sustain.

Our Solution: Social Discovery

Better experience is the key to success in a crowded market. People spend twice as much time on social viewing platforms, and 73% of viewers trust personal recommendations more than any algorithm. TREETI is Software As Experience (SAE): a social discovery layer that any OTT or content owner can plug into, offering viewers fun and easy ways to share lists, discover content, and watch with friends.

Our Model: Viewers as Stakeholders

On TREETI, people earn rewards for successfully promoting content. Our data, marketing tools, and targeted incentives make it easy for promoters to build communities around content and monetize their expertise. This stakeholder economy powers cost-effective grassroots marketing, giving content owners direct access to a broad range of highly engaged niche communities.

Our Experience: Everywhere You Are

It’s fast and simple to tap into the TREETI experience. OTTs and content owners make their content available, viewers tie in their subscriptions, and the discovery begins.


The TREETI experience is built around social engagement, helping viewers discover promoters who share their interests. Promoters can more easily cross-pollinate communities, bringing content to viewers who might never discover it on their own. Our co-viewing experience means that viewers can watch with friends and engage around content, even when there’s nothing new to watch.

The Benefit: Own Your Audience

TREETI offers a cost-efficient way for content owners to engage their audience one-to-one:


  • Social viewing experience yields rich, actionable data

  • Stakeholder model puts high-value promoters at the service of every content niche

  • Discovery and viewing modules can be published anywhere, offering more ways to onboard new viewers


Because viewers discover, engage, and purchase content in the same environment, we offer a much shorter consumer journey. Because viewers have a stake in the growth of the platform, we vastly reduce the costs of acquiring viewers and managing churn. All of this creates a level playing field for OTTs who want to ramp up quickly.