The first direct-to-consumer media platform that allows people to discover content through the power of


Better Experience, Better


Current VOD platforms don’t let content owners own their marketing, data, or audience connection. TREETI powers direct-to-consumer marketing and restores the value of content.

People spend 61% more time on social viewing platforms. Our experience gives viewers fun ways to share recommendations and invite their friends to engage content.

Turning Viewers Into


Users can monetize their social influence, earning cash and reward points whenever anyone rents or buys on their recommendation.

Our rev share model fuels organic growth and builds targeted communities around content, offering cost-effective grassroots marketing on a global scale.


We’re digital innovators with decades of experience using technology to transform entertainment marketing. We created the first movie website (Stargate), debuted the first digital theatrical release with a technology partnership between Microsoft, Artisan and BMW Films, and pioneered transmedia marketing with the first and most successful viral campaign ever for The Blair Witch Project.​


Meet Our Team

Technology VISION

We use blockchain to verify all transactions and ensure  transparent, trusted sharing of revenue and data

Our platform uses state of the art technology to fuel social interactions with content—AI, machine learning, telepresence, and more

Project STATUS

  • Completion of platform slated for Q3 ’19 release

  • Proprietary Reputation Management System (RMS), patent pending

  • Partnered with one of the world’s largest private media libraries, giving TREETI access to tens of thousands of movie and television titles as well as direct access to hundreds of millions of active, engaged communities  

  • In active discussions with multiple parties regarding licensing of the TREETI platform